Author: Chiqui Cartagena

Chiqui Cartagena is the SVP of Multicultural Marketing at Story Worldwide (a sponsor of the Content Marketing Institute). She is also the author of Latino Boom! Everything You Need to Know about the US Hispanic Market (Random House, 2005) Follow Chiqui on Twitter @chiquicartagena.

By chiqui-cartagena published July 23, 2010

How to Get Your Hispanic Content Strategy on Target

As part of your content strategy, are you targeting the US Hispanic market? If so, you no doubt know that this is an increasingly complex market – yet one that is growing. The so-called “US Hispanic Market” is currently measured by ad spending in Spanish-language media, to the tune of $4 Billion+ in 2009.

Results from the 2010 Census will surely confirm – once again – the dramatic growth of the Latino market. The latest Census figures show that Hispanics accounted for a whopping 50% of the total US population growth from 2000-2008. So marketers looking for growth for their products domestically will no doubt focus their attention on reaching the Hispanic market.

This post details some common mistakes that marketers make when targeting the US Hispanic market and provides suggestions on how to better develop your strategy to address this market’s needs.Continue Reading