Author: Julia McCoy

Julia McCoy is an entrepreneur, author, and leading strategist around creating exceptional brand-building content. At 19, she built Express Writers with a total startup investment of $75, and in the next decade grew it to $5M in sales through 100% organic, SEO content marketing before exiting. Today, she runs The Content Hacker, where she teaches entrepreneurs how to build a sustainable, content-first industry presence. Learn more about her methodology in The Content Transformation© System. Follow her on Twitter @JuliaEMcCoy.

By julia-mccoy published March 15, 2022

How To Explain Content Marketing ROI to Win (or Keep) Buy-In

Updated March 15, 2022

Many key figures for buy-in and implementation of content marketing still don’t even know what content marketing is or why it’s a worthy investment.

That could well affect why only 26% of B2C and 29% of B2B marketers rate their content marketing as extremely or very successful in the latest CMI research. If you can’t get initial buy-in, if you don’t get enough support behind your content efforts, how can you be successful?Continue Reading

By julia-mccoy published March 7, 2022

Google’s Featured Snippets: How To Get Your Content To Appear

Updated March 7, 2022

In the rush to get on the front page of Google search results, a major opportunity stands out as the most useful and relevant: featured snippets.

At the top of many informational searches, these bits of text provide a quick answer to a searcher’s question. Since featured snippets outrank standard list results, they often are referred to as “position zero.”Continue Reading

By julia-mccoy published July 15, 2020

6 Things to Improve Your Content Performance

Updated July 15, 2020.

Good content is one thing, but great online content is another.

How do you define great content? Yes, it should be well-written and addictively readable, and it should hit home for its intended audience.

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By julia-mccoy published March 10, 2020

5 Ways to Create the Most Valuable Content for Your Audience

When was the last time you clicked on an ad?

When was the last time you engaged with a business (calling, emailing, booking a demo) to ask for further details about their products or services?

If you’re anything like me, the last time was months ago (if ever).

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By julia-mccoy published November 25, 2019

The 5 Common Mistakes Every Content Marketer Should Know

Is your brand’s content marketing performance mediocre or worse?

Before you create a laundry list of reasons to investigate the why, consider these five frequent, overarching mistakes. Avoiding these mistakes could save you time, money, and even customers.

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By julia-mccoy published April 25, 2019

Get Rid of These 25 Phrases and Words From Your Content

Editor’s note: Useless words abound in text. That’s why Julia updated this article originally published in 2017, adding more words that you should avoid. 

In online writing land, clarity is your best friend. The clearest prose is the type anyone can understand, learn from, and enjoy.

Stuffing your sentences and paragraphs with filler and fluff – words and phrases that add zero meaning to what you’re trying to say – is the opposite of clear writing.
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By julia-mccoy published January 14, 2019

Dump the Sales Funnel in Favor of Lifecycle Marketing

The sales funnel is obsolete.

Bold statement? Yes, but when you look at the facts, it’s obvious.

The sales funnel doesn’t help predict anything about buyers: Not their mentality, not their movement through the buyer’s journey, and not when they might make a purchase.

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By julia-mccoy published October 16, 2018

How to Make Your Content Powerful in Eyes of Searchers (and Google)

The value of building SEO content is second to none.

However, I’m not merely talking about properly optimized content that has the right meta information, links, keywords, and technical SEO.

Instead, I’m talking about honing powerful content that speaks to readers irresistibly. It’s optimized, sure, but it’s also constructed to be the ultimate read. This kind of content is the equivalent of a best-selling novel – people invest in it and gobble it up.

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By julia-mccoy published August 20, 2018

Get Your Readers to Stay Longer With These 4 Formats


Getting people to click to read your content is hard, whether you’re trying to entice them in an email or tempt them in the search engine results.

But once you finally get them on your page, you must work even harder to keep them there.

Lots of technical ways can keep them from bouncing (faster load times, minimum pop-ups, clear site navigation, etc.).

But what about non-technical ways?

Which content formats are inherently readable, interesting, and absorbing? Which ones make your readers subconsciously stay focused, moving down your page?

Take these four formats for a spin.

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By julia-mccoy published May 1, 2018

The Secrets of High-Performing Online Content


Good content is one thing, but great online content is another.

How do you define great content? Yes, it should be well-written, addictively readable, and hit home for its intended audience.

But it should also convert like crazy. After all, that’s the point of content creation for us, the marketers.

The good news is that content that is high-performing for us is useful for them, our readers. To reach this win-win, let’s look at what you can do to take your content from good to great, from “just OK” to high-powered, high-performing, and massively successful.

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